Why should I lease land?

The Thai Civil and Commercial Code permits any individual or corporation (Thai or foreign) to lease land for a maximum period of 30 years (with a maximum lease renewal period of 30 years, under certain conditions).  The leasehold interest can (and should) be registered on the land title deed – thereby establishing a property right in addition to the contract right established under the lease agreement.  Many long-term leasing contracts also permit the lessee to transfer ownership of the land during the lease term either (1) to any legal designee of the lessee; or (2) to the lessee (upon a future change in Thai law, if any).  Note that a lease renewal term of 30 years is more easily enforced against a corporate lessor than an individual lessor. Registered leaseholds are safe, uncomplicated and easy to set up — at least for the initial 30 years lease term.